Spin Playlist 3/14/17

I did this playlist yesterday and it was awesome! For the last couple months I have been in playlist making slump. So I had to think of a way to dig myself out of it. I have a 45 min commute to and from work very day. YIKES! So I have all these songs that like on Spotify, it’s has to be like over 5000 songs. So what I decided to do was listen to all my liked songs on shuffle! Man was that a great idea because I rediscovered a ton of great music! So here is the first round of my rediscovered songs playlist! Ooo don’t forget if you don’t already follow me on Spotify please follow me! My user name is Melissa Burns Luehrs! Enjoy! 

Warm-Up: Pump It, Black Eyed Peas

  1. What U Workin’ With?, Gwen Stefani (standing climb in hand position 2/3) 
  2. Seven Nation Army, The White Stripes (heavy climb) 
  3. Show Me, Tiesto (sprint) 
  4. Who’s That Chick? (Standing climb in hand position 2/3)
  5. Me Too, Meghan Trainor (heavy 4 count jumps on the chorus)
  6. Wild Things, Alesia Cara (heavy seated climb with surges) 
  7. Best Song Ever-Kat Krazy Remix, One Direction (standing climb in hand position 3/extended 3) 
  8. Got The Love, Don Diablo (standing sprints)
  9. Crank It Up, David Guerra (4 count jumps) 
  10. Running Out-KREAM Remix, Marina (standing climb with runs up a hill) 
  11. Love On The Brian-Gilgamesh Remix, Rihanna  (seated climb with surges) 
  12. Clap Your Hands, David Guerra (sprints) 
  13. Are You Down, Arjana (standing climb with runs up a hill) 

Cool-down: Wish You Were Here, Incubus 

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