Complete as follows: 

AMRAP One (15 min) 

  • 20 Low Rows
  • 15 Chest Press
  • 10 Jump Squats 

2 min break 

AMRAP Two (4 min) 

  • 20 TRX Sit-Ups
  • 15 Hip Press
  • 10 Reverse Moutain Climbers

2 min break

AMRAP Three (15 min) 

  • 10 Tricep Extension 
  • 15 Bicep curls 
  • 20 Single Leg Squat (10 each leg)

2 min break 

AMRAP Four (4 min) 

  • 15 TRX Crunches 
  • 10 TRX Pikes 
  • 5 Atomic Push-Ups 

Cool down! 

TRX 12 min AMRAP

Hello everyone here another TRX AMRAP! This one is 12 min! You will see the following TRX and body exercises in this workout: TRX Butt Kickers or w/out TRx, Squat w/Row, Chest Press, Tricpe extension and regular Burpee. So the deal to this for each round you are going to add a Burpee. So for example on your 4 round you will be doing 4 Burpees rather than 1 like in round 1! Hope you enjoy it!!  



O man I did this workout with a group at work last Friday! They loved it! TRX is a great fitness training tool but it tends to get boring because you feel like you do the same movements over and over. So I started to pump up the volume on the workouts I was designing and make them more HIIT based rather than strength. The people took my classes loved it! Welcome to TRX AMRAP classes, the key to AMRAP is you do As Many Rounds As Possible in the prescribed time. Hope you all enjoy this workout there is more to come! In this work you do the Squat with a Y and Chest Press with Tricep Extension in mid length and do the Burpees out of the TRX!

Monday Tabata TRX

Hello everyone here my workout I am planning for my TRX class tomorrow! I like to change it up each week to keep my students in the game. I will do tabata, AMRAPS, circuit and challenges it just depends what my students ask for or what I feel like doing. When I am teaching TRX I tend to stick workouts that are time based rather then rep based,  because it great for my advance to beginner student. Hope you enjoy. I will be posting a new spin playlist tomorrow! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday 🙂

Monday Tabata TRX  copy