Spin Mix 3/7/17

Hello everyone! Hope you all having a great week. This is an awesome playlist it is really fast and challenging. I didn’t teach any classes last week because I was away for training so it was nice get back on the spin bike.  Also please make sure if you like my playlist you follow me on Spotify! You can find me under Melissa Burns Luehrs! 

Warm-Up: Get Busy, Sean Paul

  1. Where Are U Now, Jack U (Jumps 2/3) 
  2. Chained to the Rhythm, Katy Perry (Heavy Climb) 
  3. Burnin, Calvin Harris (Sprint)
  4. Wild Mustangs, Yellow Claw (4 count jumps in and out of the saddle) 
  5. Am I Wrong, Nico & Vinz (Heavy Climb) 
  6. Beauty and A Beat, Justin Bieber  (Standing Climb) 
  7.  Shape of You, Major Lazer Remix (Runs out of the Saddle) 
  8. Runaway Baby, Bruno Mars (Standing Sprints)
  9. Booty Remix, Jennifer Lopez (heavy climb) 
  10. Let Me Clear My Throat, Total Tabata (Tabata sprint) 
  11. Tonight (I’m Loving You), Enrique Iglesias (4 count jumps in and out of the saddle) 

Cool-down: I Wish, Carl Thomas 

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