It’s Hot In Here! Spin Mix 11/8/16

Man is it hot! 

So this Tuesday the AC again in the Spin was on the frizt. The last time this happened I planned my playlist like 15 min before the class and it was one of the hardest classes I had ever done in long while. Well I did it again with this class! It was a quad killer let me tell you!! It was nice get a good workout because I have been fight illness all week long and had to get a sub and cancel two of my regular spin classes 😭! Hope there is a light at end of the tunnel and I will be feeling better next week and back in tip top shape! Hope all enjoy this playlist it has a lot medium to heavy climbs!!! 

  1. Warm-up: Blame Calvin Harris
  2. Burin’ Up, Jessie J (Standing climb 2/3 hand position) 
  3. What do You Mean?, Justin Bieber (Heavy 4 count jumps in and out of the saddle) 
  4. How Deep Is Your Love, Calvin Harris (Seated Heavy Climbs with hand positions 3 runs up a hill) 
  5. Let’s Go, Calvin Harris (Sprints) 
  6. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, Fergie (Standing Climbe 2/3 hand position) 
  7. Come Get It Bae, Pharrell (4 count jumps in and out of the saddle) 
  8. Latch, Disclosure (heavy seated climb) 
  9. Can’t Hold Us, Macklemore (standing sprints)
  10. Nobody’s Business, Rihanna (Standing climb with reverse 4 count jumps) 
  11. Kill the Lights, Alex Newell (riders choice) 
  12. Middle, DJ Snake (Heavy Climb) 
  13. Mr Vain, Tabata Music for Workout (Tabata Sprint) 
  14. Cool Down, Could you be Loved, Bob Marley

ThrowBack Thursday Kind Of Spin Mix 11/3/16

What an awesome classes! I recently took over two spin classes at my new job and everyone loves me!!! I had pack house tonight and it was great. 

Tonight playlist was “ThrowBack Thursday Kind Of” because I had a lot of songs that were popular in the 80’s and 90’s that have be remix by popular EDM DJ’s. 

Hope you all enjoy this playlist!! I will write a detail ride for each song this weekend because I am writing this from my phone! Have a great weekend I will be posting a new playlist on Sunday!