Spin 10/16/16

What an awesome spin class I had today! This has to be one my favorite playlist I have created in along time. I hope you all enjoy it!

  1. Warm-Up: Turn Me On, David Guetta
  2. Just Fine, Mary J. Blige (Standing climb)
  3. Sucker for Pain, Lil Wayne (Seated climb)
  4. Starving, Hailee Steinfeld (Runs Up a Hill)
  5. Young and Beautiful, Lana Del Ray (Reverse Jumps)
  6. Let it Roll, Flo Rida (Standing Climb)
  7. Trini Dem Girls, Nicki Minaj (4 count Jumps In and Out of the Saddle)
  8. Work, Lil Jon (Reverse Jumps)
  9. Needed Me, Rihanna (Heavy Climb)
  10. Turbo, New Kids (Sprint)
  11. Here Comes the Night, DJ Snake (Runs Up a Hill)
  12. Wreak Havoc, Skylar Grey (Standing Sprints)
  13. Cool Down:Cold Water, Major Lazer

Back In Business: Spin 10.2.16


Hello everyone! I am happy to say I am back in business after being out of the spin and group x game for about 2 months due to recovering for bladder surgery. Also to add to craziness of being on the mend I got new job! So it was great to get back on the group fitness horse this week. I was so happy today to see all my students and give them a kick butt ride. We had lots of fun and had a great workout! Hope you all enjoy the playlist! What are some of your favorite songs this month? I need some ideas! Please! 🤓🤓🤓