Spin Playlist 4/2/17

Hello everyone! I have been slacking….. I was lazy this past Tuesday and did an old playlist so that why there was no post on Tuesday. Work has been out of control but I am excited we are holding our very first color run this Saturday! Also working on planning an event for May which, is a Woof and Walk 2 mile run/walk with the dogs. Working for the navy in Fitness is so fun and  is rewarding! Okay back to the playlist… So this has to be my favorite playlist this year! I did this one with my class I teach out in town at private gym and man we were on fire. Hope you all enjoy it has some new songs mix with some old! Also want to give shout out to two ladies that I get a lot of ideas from when I am in a music slump! Make sure you check out Thedancingrunner and Swim.Spin.Run the playlist they post are awesome! 

  1. Beautiful People, Chris Brown (warm-up)
  2. So Good -GLODHOUSE Remix, Zara Larsson (standing climb in 2/3)
  3. Trini Dem Girls, Nicki Minaj (4 count jumps on chorus in/out of the saddle) 
  4. Getting Over You, David Guetta (standing climb in 2/3)
  5. Call On Me- Ryan Riback Remix, Starley (seated climb with runs up a hill in 3 on the chorus) 
  6. Sweet Nothing, Calvin Harris (standing sprint) 
  7. Special Feeling, Diddy (standing climb in 2/3 with 4 count reserve jumps for 4 count on chorus) 
  8. Whip It, Lunchmoney Lewis (standing climb in 3 with resistance every 30 sec) 
  9. Shining, DJ Khaled (standing sprints on the chorus)
  10. Party Train, Redfoo (standing climb) 
  11. House Work, JAX Jones (seated climb with reserves 4 count jumps) 
  12. Classic, The Kocks (seated heavy climb with runs up a hill on the chorus) 
  13. B.O.B, OutKast (Tabata sprint) 
  14. In My Room, Timbaland (standing climb, 8,4,2 count jumps) 
  15. In My Room, Yellow Claw (seated climb with runs in 3/2 on the chorus) 
  16. Sandstorm, Darude (seated sprint)
  17. Castle on the Hill, Ed Sheeran (cool down) 

Below is the link to the playlist in Spotify, remember to follow me to get all my playlist on Spotify : 

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