All About Me! 



My name is Melissa and I am a fitness  director for Navy Fitness and also teach main different types of group fitness classes such as indoor cycling, TRX, water aerobics and muscle max formats.  I currently have certifications in the follow areas of fitness: NASM CPT and CES, AFAA Group Fitness, Level 3 TRX, Schwinnn Cycling, USAW Olympic Lifting and EXOS NOFFS and SES. Also I hold a BS and MS in Health Promotions and Exercise Science.  I love to teach cycling and always get compliments from my students on my cycling playlists, so I decided to start a blog to share my ideas.



6 thoughts on “All About Me! 

    • This video is phenomenal!!! OMG I am going to share it on my page and give you ladies a shoutout!!! You got all the different types of characters that come to spin class!!! I have a lot of playlist I need to add because terrible behind. I am also going to share this on Cycling Instuctor Facebook page I am a member of! Thank you for the comment! Look for my playlist and don’t forget to follow a girl on Spotify! Search for Melissa Burns Luehrs


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