Hello Again! It’s been a long time.


Hello Again! Man has it been a long time since my last blog post, man do I have a lot of playlist to share with you.  I am going to share two playlist with you in this post that I did last week that were great hits among my students. One of these playlist has to be one of my all time favorite playlist that I have created. I know for my follow instructors there are times that you hit music blocks just like writers hit writers blocks.  I have found that if I develop a type of them for the playlist it get me out of this situation.  Also I have been kind of breaking away from Spotify the last couple of months I have been using SoundCloud as my music player of choice.

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The first playlist I am going to share with is my Rihanna Vs. Calvin Harris, this are two of my all time favorite artist!  So when you this playlist it going to be high energy and fun class.

  1. Thinking About You, Calvin Harris (Warm-Up)
  2. Right Now, Rihanna (Standing Climb in 2/3)
  3. Bounce, Calvin Harris (15 sec in the saddle 30 out of the saddle)
  4. Work, Rihanna (Standing Sprints on the chorus)
  5. Hype, Calvin Harris (Standing Climb in 3 with 4 count reserve jumps)
  6. Diamonds, Rihanna (30 sec in the saddle 30 out of the saddle heavy climb)
  7. It Was You, Calvin Harris (Seated Sprints)
  8. Who’s That Chick? , Rihanna (Standing Climb in 2/3)
  9. How Deep Is Your Love, Calvin Harris (Heavy Standing Climb)
  10. We Found Love, Rihanna (4 count jump in and out of the saddle)
  11. Sweet Nothing, Calvin Harris (Seated or Standing Sprints)
  12. Jump, Rihanna  (Heavy Seated Climb with Surges)
  13. Burin, Calvin Harris (Seated Sprint)
  14. Stay, Rihanna (Cool Down)

Also here is the sound cloud playlist:

So the next playlist that I am going to share with has some new and some old songs in it! This was a hit among my students also last week. On this one I used the SoundCloud playlist during my class!

  1. US, Jennifer Lopez (Warm-Up)
  2. Magenta Riddim, Dj Snake (Reverse Jump in hand postion 3 for 4 counts)
  3. Savior, Iggy Azalea (Standing Climb)
  4. Bangarang, Skrillex (Seated Sprint)
  5. Like I Do, David Guetta (Standing Climb in hand position 2 and 3)
  6. Gotta Get It (Dancer), Flo Rida (Standing Climb in hand position 3)
  7. Trini Dem Girls, Nicki Minaj (4 count jumps in and out of the saddle)
  8. Gods Plan, Drake (Standing Sprints)
  9. Wop, J.Dasj (4 count jumps in and out of the saddle)
  10. Livin’ It Up (Heavy Standing Climb)
  11. Finesse (Remix), Bruno Mars (recovery flat)
  12. Pop That, French Montana (30 in the saddle, 30 out the saddle in hand position 3)
  13. Deep Down Low, Valentino (Reverse Jumps in hand position 3 for 4 count)

****Bouns Tracks: All the Stars (Climb) and Percolator (Sprint)

Here is the SoundCloud Link: