Spin Mix 2/7/2017 

I have been a very bad blogger! I am sorry that I haven’t posted it such along time. My new job has been taking up all my time but I keep spinning. This is very fast but fun ride I did this past Tuesday hope you all enjoy!

Warm-up: Telepathy – Le Youth Remix, Christina Aguilera

  1. Turn Me On, David Guetta (standing climb hand position 2/3 for 4 count)
  2. Don’t Cha, Pussycat Dolls (heavy jumps in and out of the saddle for 4)
  3. Come First, Terror Jr (seated climbs with heavy standing climb in hand position 3)
  4. East Love, Sigala (Sprints)
  5. Hey, Lil Jon (Standing climb hand position 2/3 for 4 count)
  6. Diamonds, Rihanna (Heavy Seated Climb)
  7. Telephone, Lady Gaga (4 count jumps in/out of the saddle)
  8. Fireball, Pitbull (Standing Climb in 2/3)
  9. Welcome to the Jungle, Guns and Roses (Standing Sprints)
  10. Close – Dan E Radio Edit, Nike Jonas (Runs Up a Hill)
  11. Wop, J. Dash (4 count Jumps in/out of the saddle)

Cool-Down: White Tiger, Izzy Bizu

Below is the link to the playlist in Spotify! Make sure you following me too.


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