A Little of this, A Little of that! Spin Mix 7/22/16

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I have posted. I have been teaching so many spin classes that I haven’t had time to make or write any new blog post or playlist. I made this playlist about 5 min before my Sunday Spin class today and boy was it good! I have one more week until I am down for 4 weeks due to bladder surgery so I am trying to make my last something to remember for my students because I am going to miss them. Hope you all enjoy this post! What are some of your favorite songs that appearing on regular in your playlist? 

  1. I’m In The House, Steve Aoki (warm-up)
  2. Check it Out, will.i.am (standing climb in 2/3)
  3. The Wire, Haim (heavy climb with runs in 3 on the chorus) 
  4. Come Get It Bae, Pharrell (quick 4 count jumps in and out of the saddle in 3)
  5. She Came to Give It to You, Usher (standing climb, around the the world) 
  6. Never Forget You, Zara Larsson (seated flat versus and quick runs in 3 & 2 on the chorus) 
  7. Met Too, Meghan Trainor (standing climbe with reverse jump for 4 count on the chorus) 
  8. Shake, Ying Yang Twins (standing sprints in 3 when you here Shake Shake chorus) 
  9. Am I Wrong, Nico & Vinz (heavy climb with runs in 3 on the chorus) 
  10. Bulletproof, La Roux (Tabata sprints, 20 sec on/ 10 sec off) 
  11. Too Good, Drake (standing climb with reverse jump for a 4 count on the chorus)
  12. Peacock, Katy Perry (standing climb in 2/3) 
  13. Burnin, Calvin Harris (Sprints when the best drops 😜 ! ) 
  14. Love Yourself, Justin Bieber 

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