Sunday Super Spin Mix 7/3/16


Hello everyone! I am a bit behind with my spin playlist post, sorry about that. This Sunday was my first Sunday back from being sick. All the people that take my class on Sunday were so glad to have me back, which made the ride awesome! Also it was a pretty sweat one because we think that because the group was spinning so hard that we broke the AC. Hope you all enjoy this playlist! Have a great short week!

  1. Freaks, Timmy Trumpet (Warm-Up)
  2. Beauty and A Beat, Justin Bieber (Heavy Jumps)
  3. Lean On, Major Lazer (Seated Heavy Climb)
  4. Bulletproof, (Seated Flat)
  5. Locked Out of Heaven, Bruno Mars (Jumps Out of the Saddle)
  6. Work from Home, Fifth Harmony (Standing Climb)
  7. Let’s Go, Calvin Harris (Standing Sprints)
  8. What Do You Mean?, Justin Bieber (Jumps Out of the Saddle)
  9. Latch, Disclosure (Heavy Climb)
  10. Me Too, Meghan Trainor (Standing Climb with Tap Backs)
  11. Get Ugly, Jason Derulo (4 count Jumps out of the saddle)
  12. Love Yourself, Justin Bieber (Cool-Down)


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