Spin Mix 4/22/16 Funk, Rock and Pop O My!Β 

Today spin class was awesome!! We had to do some Prince and sprinkled in a little rock with pinch of pop & EDM! Hope you all enjoy it, have great weekend😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  1. I Wanna Be Your Lover, Prince 
  2. S&M(Remix), Rihanna: Jumps in 2 & 3 for 4 counts
  3. Smells like Teen Spirit: Standing Sprints 
  4. Ah Yeah So What, Will Sparks: Jumps in 2 & 3 for 4 counts 
  5. U Got Look, Prince: Standing Climb 
  6. My House, Flo Rida: Heavy seated climb 
  7. When Will the Bass Drop, The Lonely Island: Seated Sprints
  8. Where Are U Now, Skrillex & Diplo: Quick Runs in 3 & 2 
  9. Sweat, David Guettta, Standing Climb in 3 & 2
  10. Let’s Go Crazy, Prince: 4 count jumps in and our of the saddle on the chorus 
  11. Ex’s & O’s , Ellle King: Runs up a hill 
  12. Alive (Cahill Club Mix): Seated Sprints 
  13. Give It 2 U, Robin Thicke: Standing Climb 
  14. Unstoppable, Sia: Seated Heavy Climb 
  15. Bodies, Drowing Pool: Seated Sprint 

Listen to Spin 4/22/16 by on @AppleMusic.


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