Spin Mix 3.14.16

Sorry little late on posting this playlist from class I subbed on Monday which was awesome! It is so great when you sub a class and you have the students ask you what days and times you teach regular class and say they love your music and the workout! So when I teach a spin class I always look for the one student that is the spin master in the class and I try to break them with the workout! HAHA So the person that I pick for this class without her knowing gave me a great complement at the end of the class! She said it was an AWESOME challenging class and that she loved my energy! So here is the playlist hope you enjoy it use the music and make it your own!

  1. Morning After Dark-Timbaland: Warm-Up
  2. Children-Justin Bieber:  4 count jumps in 2 and 3
  3. Trini Dem Girls-Nicki Minaj:  quick 4 count jumps on the chorus in and out of the saddle
  4. Middle-DJ Snake: Heavy Climb
  5. Beat Down-Steve Aoki: Standing Sprints
  6. Irresistible-Fall Out Boy: Heavy Climb
  7. Jump & Sweat-Garminai: 4 count jumps in 2 and 3
  8. Move Your Body-Sia: quick 4 count jumps on the chorus in an out of the saddle
  9. Nobody’s Business-Rihanna: Standing Climb
  10. Work-Rihanna: Standing Sprints
  11. Fighter-Christina Aguilera: Heavy Seated Climb
  12. It Was You-Calvin Harris: Seated Sprints
  13. Love Yourself-Justin Bieber: Cool Down

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