Spin 3.5.16 Hot-n-Fun



Well, the next four days are going to be busy spin days. I am teach Spin on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! That means I have a lot of spin playlist to plan but I love it. So here is the first one out my 4 days of spin crazy! Hope you all enjoy it. Also what are your favorite spin songs for this week? I need ideas :0)


  1. I Know You Want Me, Pitbill: Warm-Up
  2. Ain’t Got Far to Go, Jess Glynne: 4 count jumps
  3. Rise, David Guetta: Standing Climb
  4. Wicked Ones, Dorothy: Seated  Heavy Climb
  5. When Will the Bass Drop, The Lonely Island: Sprint
  6. Sweat, Snoop Dog & David Guetta: 4, 2, 1 Jumps
  7. Get Ugly, Jason Derulo: 4 count jumps in and out of the saddle
  8. Burn Up the Dance, Dillion Francis & Skirllex: Standing Climb with jumps
  9. Feel Right, Mark Ronson, Mystical: Standing Climb with tap backs
  10. Latch, Disclosure & Sam Smith: Heavy Seated Climb
  11. We Run The Night, Havana Brown: Standing Sprint
  12. Hot-n-Fun-Christian Rich Remix, N.E.R.D: 4 count jumps
  13. Roses-Zaxx Remix, The Chainsmokers: Sprints
  14. I Wish, Carl Thoms: Cool Down


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