Spin Playlist 2.26.16 Hello Friday! 

 Hello again everyone!! Hope everyone had great Friday. This the playlist that did for my Friday class it has a lot of new songs that I have never done! Man was it a good one! It has a song from one of my favorites Lil Jon, he gets me pumped when I am teaching class. Also I have been really digging Sia new album This Is Acting. I never really liked Sia but this album is good, in this playlist I did jumps to Move Your Body. 

This playlist has little bit of everything; old hits, rap, EDM, rock and more. 

Hope you all enjoy it! Also check out the new song from Flo Rida “Hello Friday” it’s great! 

  1. Bug A Boo: Destiny’s Child (Warm-Up) 
  2. Juicy Wiggle: Redfoo (Standing Climb with Jumps) 
  3. Kiss The Sky: The Knocks (Runs up a Hill)
  4. Me, Myself &I: G-Eazy (Heavy Climbs in & out of saddle) 
  5. Move Your Body: Sia (4 count jumps in out of the saddle)
  6. Hello Friday: Flo Rida (Climb) 
  7. Ah Yeah So What: Will Sparks (Standing climb with 4,2,1 count jumps) 
  8. Booty Bounce Pop: Mr Collipark (Seated Sprint) 
  9. Primitive: Richard Vission (Standing climbed with 4,2,1 count jumps)
  10. Get Dirty: Xenia Ghali (4 count jumps in & out of saddle) 
  11. Irresistible: Fall Out Boy (Heavy Climb) 
  12. Give It All U Got: Lil Jon (standing climb with 4,2,1 count jumps)
  13. Hello (Reggae Cover): Conkarah (Cooldown) 

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