Jimmy’s Top for 2015 Playlist



This a first for YouSpinMeRightRound a guest playlist. Where I work at we have a group of spin instructors that share ideas of songs and playlist for classes.  We  also have a student Jimmy (self proclaimed music snob and spin lover) that share song ideas for classes with us. He and  his  wife have moved away but he still stays in touch with us sending the occasional song through Facebook messenger. Well, last night he graced us with his Top Songs for 2015, let me stay it rocks!

I will be posting my top spin songs of 2015 later today! What are your favorite spin songs of 2015?

  1. Heavy as a Heartbreak, Just A Gent, Lanks
  2. Working For It, Zhu, Skrillex, THEY
  3. Counting Sheep, SAFIA
  4. Horses, Porsches
  5. Peanut Butter Jelly, Galantis
  6. Something About You, Hayden James
  7. Burial, Yogi, Skrillex
  8. Jungle, Panama
  9. We All Fall Dawn, A-Track
  10. Quit This City, Grandtheft

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